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Gym 608 Update

As of July 1, 2023, all Gym 608 programs have moved to the website link below.


Our owner, Alecia Jacobson, is expanding her offerings to bring fitness, health, and motivation to you in new and exciting ways through coaching, speaking, workshops, and online programs. You are invited to join Alecia on her growing adventure at the website link below as she coaches those ready to move toward an empowered life.

Get fit. Stay healthy. Create an amazing life.

While Alecia is not currently offering in-person training at the Verona Gym 608 location, she is happy to help get you matched with a personal trainer she recommends.

Use the form below to ask for her help with a matched!

Looking to talk with Alecia about ways you can still work with her to improve your health, fitness and overall life?


Schedule a no cost discovery call with Alecia at the link below to connect about options!


Want to learn from Alecia Jacobson? Reach out to her on her coaching website or listen to her inspiring podcast, Spirit of a Badass, on your favorite podcast app.


The Spirit of a Badass Podcast, hosted by health and life coach, Alecia Jacobson, shares stories from women who have faced tremendous challenges and emerged stronger than ever and those who have blazed a path for others to follow.


Spirit of a Badass celebrates the strength and resilience of women everywhere and will help you see yourself in these stories and find inspiration and confidence.

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