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4 Ways to Join Gym 608

Complimentary Class

We want you to experience just how great our classes are so we offer a free complimentary class to anyone local!

Join a Six Week Challenge

Our 6 week challenges are a great way to see results and have accountability, guidance and support as you start your fitness journey.

Work With a Trainer

If you're looking for a more personalized fitness experience you can work one on one with a personal trainer. You will get workouts specific to your goals and needs. Fill out the contact form to get the process started.

Memberships & Class Passes

We offer three, six and twelve month unlimited classes membership options as well as 10 and 20 class passes.


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In bootcamp classes you will squat, run, bike and lunge your way to a strong body and a calm mind. Classes change daily and may be circuit, partner, timed or at your own pace. It's always inviting and never boring! Bootcamp is for all fitness levels and can be adjusted to push you past your limits or accommodate any injury or modifications you may need. Classes are kept small and are a place for fitness while also getting support from a group. Bootcamp classes are 45min long.

Cardio Bootcamp

Cardio Bootcamp is a high energy, fast paced 30min class. We move quickly through each station so there is no time for your brain or body to get bored.

Weight Lifting

Weight Lifting is a class designed to give you the freedom to build your strength and work on lifts and movements that are not in typical bootcamp classes. The workout is laid out for you. You'll choose the weight you want to lift under the supervision of a trainer. This is an at your own pace 30min class.


More Than Classes

Increase Your Results With a Trainer

Personal Training

Health Coaching for Weight-loss

One on One Personal Training

Private One on One Coaching

Are you looking for a more personalized training experience? In personal training you get a program specific to you and your training goals.

In my years of owning a gym and training women, I have found that there is so much more to weight loss than simply eating healthy and getting to the gym.

A woman's whole life plays a role in her weight loss journey. In Health Coaching for Weight Loss we will examine how the good, bad and ugly aspects of life contributes to weight gain. Through this learning you will uncover habits and thoughts that hinder success. 

The first part of the session is devoted to nutrition and exercise. The remainder of the session is coaching around issues that impact weight loss journeys. 


Class Times


5:30am, 6:15am & 9:00am Bootcamp (45min)


5:00am Cardio Bootcamp (30min)

5:30am & 6:15am Bootcamp (45min)


5:30am, 6:15am & 9:00am Bootcamp (45min)


5:00am Weight Lifting (30min)

5:30am Cardio Bootcamp (30min)


5:30am, 6:15am & 9:00am Bootcamp (45min)


8:30am Bootcamp (45min)


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